productThese Direct Heat CO2 Incubators, now Class 11 devices, are cleared by FDA for IVF use.
     The Direct Heat Incubators feature a choice of stainless steel or solid copper interior with 6.5 cu. ft. of culturing space and coved corners. Heating elements and fiberglass insulation surround all sides of the outer chamber wall for uniform heating and faster recovery times after door openings.
     A heated outer door with non-CFC insulation reduces condensation and is field reversible. The inner glass door seals tightly against a silicone gasket that surrounds the chamber opening. The inner door switch automatically shuts off CO2 and heat when opened. It permits the outer door to be opened for chamber contents viewing without interrupting the unit operation.
     The steel exterior has double-wall construction. An optional patented HEPA Filter Airflow System provides 100 percent HEPA filtered air throughout the chamber.
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