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ACTICLOT® LA Complete™

ACTICLOT® LA Complete™ is a combined kit for dRVVT and dilute PT Lupus Anticoagulant (LA) testing. This is the only kit that tests for LA in both the extrinsic and common pathways. Because LA can originate in all three coagulation pathways (intrinsic, common and extrinsic), this kit increases the sensitivity and specificity of an LA Panel.

The kit uses common reagents (buffer and high phospholipid) for the dRVVT and dilute PT assays, giving users the economy of not purchasing duplicate reagents. The kit also reduces testing turn-around time and reduces instrument set ups and corresponding labor costs. It includes the only commercial dilute PT reagents in the world. (C Marking and FDA Clearance).

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Still Using BSA? Try Prionex®

Prionex® The BSA Alternative™ is a superior alternative to BSA and HSA. In protein stabilization, it has been shown to maintain the activity of proteins and enzymes during heat exposure, lyophilization, and in longterm storage studies. It has been used in assay procedures to prevent nonspecific binding and as an additive in cell culture. Unlike BSA, Prionex is safe and easy to work with. It is water soluble, consistent from lot-to-lot, non-antigenic, additive-free and prion-free. Prionex is only available as a 10% solution in 100 mL and 1 L containers. Manufactured by DNP Branch Pentapharm.

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Starfruit is software, database, computer network, bar code printers and labels for DNA diagnostic labs, genome center, cancer research, immunogenetic labs, and more. Starfruit can enable your labs to comply with 21CFR11, CAP, CLIA, EHR, HIPAA, and PHI. Starfruit can report disease susceptibility by SNP pattern. Starfruit provides SNP data bank to enable you to generate the disease Susceptibility Reports by comparing SNP profiles with SNP patterns. You can analyze DNA samples using Starfruit SNP Comparison Service for specific SNP patterns susceptible to a disease or disorder. Visit Starfruit Storefront at

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Titin Antibody (TitinAb) ELISA Test Kit

KRONUS®, a leading provider of specialized autoimmune diagnostic test kits, is pleased to announce the availability of a new ELISA test kit for the measurement of antibodies to titin (TitinAb). Titin is a protein of the striated muscles with an extremely high molecular weight. The immunogenic region of titin is located on a 30kD protein fragment. Antibodies against this fragment presumably cross-react with the epitopes of the acetylcholine receptors making their measurement potentially useful in select indications. This new ELISA utilizes recombinant MGT30 peptide providing for the accurate and specific determination of titin antibodies.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Puritan PurFlock® Flocked Nylon Sample Collection Swabs

Maximize collection and release with Puritan PurFlock® Swabs. Ideal for nasopharyngeal/oropharyngeal bacterial and viral sampling. Puritan’s PurFlock® Swabs are patent pending. Our proprietary manufacturing process makes them super collectors—and elution is virtually instantaneous. Handles have convenient molded break points. Four styles, sterile or non-sterile. Custom handle colors and printing available. For free PurFlock® samples: [removed][/removed] —or call 800-321-2313 (US and Canada), 207-876-3311 outside North America.

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Dropper Plus—Point-of-Care Urine Dipstick Control

The Dropper Plus is specifically designed for point-of-care dipstick control. Its unique, one month room temperature stability eliminates storage problems and provides maximum portability—ideal for sites without refrigeration. A new feature is the addition of creatinine and microalbumin. Values are provided for all analytes; qualitative results for hCG for early pregnancy detection test methods are included. This control is intended for use with Multistix®, Chemstrip®, DiaScreen®, UriScan™, pH (Nitrazine paper) and other urinalysis reagent strips. It can also be used for confirmatory tests such as Acetest®, Clinitest®, Ictotest® reagent tablets and refractometry. This product is liquid, human urine-based and comes with an 18 month unopened and open vial stability when stored at 2-8°C (from date of manufacture). A comparative quality control program, Quantrol™, available for Quantimetrix products provides labs with free monthly reports to monitor test performance and trend analysis.

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Certified Technology For the Treatment of Aqueous Formaldehyde Wastes

Environmentally friendly Neutralex® eliminates the need for off-site disposal of hazardous formalin waste and the liability associated with its regulation. Tested using EPA compliant protocol and certified for more than 10 years, Neutralex® is still the only certified aldehyde neutralizer available for safe and effective drain disposal of 10% formalin waste. Neutralex® delivers final neutralization of less than 1ppm, requires no pH adjustment and leaves no drain clogging solids. See our entire Neutra-Guard™ Line and celebrate Earth Day 2010 with us at our website on April 22.

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SlidePrep Plus™

The SlidePrep Plus™ is a new cytology centrifuge. It offers full-size power and full-size features in a small-size, affordable package.

The primary function of the device is to produce a monolayer of cells onto a glass slide from any fluid suspension and under the safest conditions possible.

The centrifuge’s features include a removable sealed rotor for loading and unloading in a biological safety cabinet, digital controls with LCD display, 25 programmable preset buttons, audible alarms, and a 6 slide rotor. The SlidePrep Plus™ is the latest addition to STI’s family of fast, accurate, reliable centrifuges.