The model 653ES Easy-Spin is capable of spinning up to 12 10 mL test tubes and can produce platelet-poor plasma results in 15 minutes. The system also features a digital time display that can be set for as long as 99 minutes. Electronic braking brings the samples to a fast, controlled stop, and an audible, end-of-run indicator signals when the run is complete. For safety, the Easy-Spin 12 also features a transparent lid and a welded steel rotation chamber. The “0” RPM lid’s safety interlock system prevents entry into the rotation chamber while the rotor is spinning.
     The model 653ES Easy-Spin 12 comes standard with one horizontal rotor, six two-place tube holders (for test tubes 13 mm to 17 mm in diameter and 100 mm in length), and 12 1-inch cushion spacers (for tubes 75 mm in length).

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