photoThese CryoMed Freezers feature precise temperature control and accelerated controlled rate freezing.
     Available in 0.6 cu. ft., 1.2 cu. ft. and 1.7 cu. ft. sizes, the quiet-running units are constructed of stainless steel and include foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation to minimize chamber condensation. Dual, bulb-style gaskets surround the door opening to ensure a proper seal. Liquid nitrogen injection is distributed evenly into the chamber by an internal fan, minimizing standard deviation to less than 2 during a run.
     A patented liquid nitrogen injection ring ensures uniform product cooling and prevents premature “seeding.” Chamber temperature, sample temperature and operation status are displayed continuously. Six preset freezing profiles are included; a preset profile can be copied and edited to create a new profile. Ten user-defined programs (16 steps each) are available. Graph and cycle data are printed on a thermal printer in the top of the control section. Temperature data is also routed to a connector at the rear of the unit for transmission to an optimal strip chart recorder.
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