WELCOME to our first Reader’s Choice
Top Ten Products section!

If this were People, where readers register their likes and dislikes by purchasing movie tickets, CDs and through the Nielsen box on their television set, you’d be looking at photographs of Julia Roberts, Brittany Spears and Drew Carey. But this is Clinical Lab Products where we have a product popularity contest each month. Each issue readers choose our “stars” by circling numbers on our Reader Service Reply Card. A circled number indicates interest in a particular product and a desire to receive more information about it. Our assessment of which products will be of most interest to readers is reflected in their position in the magazine. Our cover and page 5 are the spots we reserve for what in our estimation is the coolest and newest technology. However, the truest measure of reader interest is in the numbers. So without further ado, here they are, our Reader’s Choice Top Ten Products for 1999.