This past month, CLP has continued to expand our presence in digital media, which we hope you, our readers—and now, listeners—will find a helpful addition to the resources you count on to bring you the latest in clinical diagnostics news. Our podcast series this month features a topic we’re all concerned with: saving money while going green.

Paul Lutisch, facilities manager at Millipore, discusses the company’s impressive program for monitoring and reducing its energy usage, among other measures. Millipore is a large entity, with operations in four countries and two continents. Many of the approaches it has put in place, however, can be implemented by any-sized lab or business, and we hope you’ll tune in and come away inspired.

You can also still listen to our first series on circulating tumor cell detection technology with Bob McCormack, PhD, vice president of medical and scientific affairs at Veridex, which debuted last month. It’s all on this Web site. Look for the podcast icon in the online Media Center, where you can listen directly or download the discussions.

Also debuting this month is CLP’s first live webinar on the topic of “Vitamin D: Where Are We Now, and How Do We Measure It?” Sponsored by ESA Biosciences, this educational interactive event features Neil Binkley, MD, associate professor and co-director of the University of Wisconsin Osteoporosis Clinical Center & Research Program; Donald Wiebe, PhD, associate professor and director of chemistry and toxicology laboratories at University of Wisconsin Hospital; and Paul Gamache, vice president of life science research at ESA Biosciences.

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We’ve all been hearing a lot in both the clinical journals and mainstream media about the topics of vitamin D deficiency, which has been linked to numerous disorders including autoimmune diseases and certain types of cancer. Laboratories have been increasingly called upon to implement vitamin D testing, and indications are that we can expect to see the demand continue to grow. I hope you’ll take the opportunity to download and listen to these informative presentations through our Web site.

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