Medica Corp, Bedford, Mass, has expanded the capability of its EasyRA clinical chemistry analyzer to provide drugs-of-abuse urine (DAU) screening. No hardware or software updates are required.

“Patients and providers will benefit from accurate and cost-effective results when providing pain management treatment, and for applications requiring drugs-of-abuse screening,” says Robert Hagopian, president and CEO of Medica Corp.

The decision to expand EasyRA’s capabilities into DAU was driven by the call of laboratory and healthcare professionals for a moderately complex, benchtop clinical chemistry analyzer that can also provide urine drug screening, Hagopian notes. “With [the] announcement, we are continuing to fulfill our commitment to deliver the latest product updates in one convenient installation,” he adds.

The EasyRA will offer a panel of drugs of abuse with simply interpreted positive or negative results, to eliminate the need for subjective interpretation in the moderately complex setting. The reagents to enable the new assays are immediately available from Medica’s distribution partners.

For more information, visit Medica.