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How Omics Technology Bolsters Precision Medicine

In this episode of Clinical Lab Chat, CLP’s Director of Business Intelligence, Chris Wolski, engaged in a deep-dive discussion on the burgeoning synergy between omics technologies and precision medicine solutions with Rosy Lee, VP and general manager, Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Has a High School Found the Solution to the Laboratorian Shortage?

There are a number of challenges facing clinical laboratories today. Perhaps, the biggest is the ongoing laboratorian shortage. In this episode of Clinical Lab Chat, CLP’s Director of Business Intelligence Chris Wolski interviews Jim Payne, Medical Lab Assisting & Phlebotomy instructor at WEMOCO, Rochester, NY, about the successful high school program he has developed that prepares students for a career in the lab—with many of his students leaving the classroom for a lab bench the day after graduation. Has Jim found one of the keys to solve the laboratorian shortage? Listen and find out.

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The State of Pre-natal Testing in the Post-Roe World

In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, there’s been a lot of focus on how it’s affecting the delivery of health care, but one area that hasn’t been as focused on is what this decision means for pre-natal testing and how labs and providers of tests need to be navigating this new landscape.

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Understanding the Point of Care Revolution

Of all the changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the evolution of POC and home testing is perhaps the biggest. CLP Director of Business Intelligence Chris Wolski and Hamid Erfanian, CEO of Enzo Biochem, an integrated healthcare company focused on offering life sciences, including reagents, clinical testing and molecular diagnostic products, do a deep dive on the history of POC testing, how and why it became ubiquitous during COVID-19, and what this ubiquity means for the future of the clinical laboratory.

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Solutions for the Laboratory Recruitment and Retention Dilemma

Among the many challenges facing labs today is recruiting and retaining top-tier talent. Listen as Chris Wolski, director of business intelligence for CLP, sits down with Shawn Wierzbowski, founder of Intro – CLS Recruitment, for a lively and far-reaching discussion about how labs can attract and, most importantly, retain their technicians. They also discuss ways labs can cultivate talent and when and how students should be introduced to the idea of working in clinical diagnostics.

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Meeting Laboratory Reimbursement Challenges

Chris Wolski & Ron Blum, PhD, discuss how the challenges of reimbursement are affecting and will continue to affect clinical labs for the foreseeable future. During the podcast, Blum provides practical advice about how lab managers and administrators can ensure that they’re getting reimbursed fairly—ensuring patients have access to lifesaving diagnostic tests.

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How Laboratorians Can Be Effective Science Communicators

Chris Wolski, Director of Business Intelligence of CLP, is joined by Jen MacCormack, 15+ year Medical Lab Scientist and Technical Writer for COLA, to discuss the role of laboratorians as health communicators. Chris and Jen provide positive and productive advice on tackling some common pain points that laboratorians feel amidst current conditions of misinformation or uncertainty.

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