NF600 Self-Priming Diaphragm Pump

Features continuous flow and low pulsation/vibration

The new KNF NF600 self-priming diaphragm pump, for dosing or transferring liquids, including acids and caustics, from KNF, Trenton, NJ, incorporates advanced four-diaphragm technology to promote continuous flow and low pulsation and vibration. The solution (as compact as 13 x 111 x 105 mm) can deliver a nominal flow rate of 6 L/min, suction height of 8.8 inches Hg, and pressure up to 15 psig. The pumps are available in three motor types—AC, brush-commutated DC, or brushless DC—and can provide stable pumping action over a potential service life exceeding 50,000 hours. The pumps require minimal maintenance and are designed without tubing to eliminate possible pump failure due to tubing fatigue or rupture.

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Model SRCM

Room condition monitor

Setra Systems, Boxborough, Mass, introduces model SRCM (Setra Room Condition Model)— a flush, mountable room condition monitor featuring a user-friendly, color touch screen display allowing fingertip access to menus that guide the user through room setup, identification, application, security, and calibration. The CE-compliant SRCM is well suited for critical low-pressure applications and protected environments requiring stringent room-condition monitoring and alarming. Users are also able to control alarm setup with audible alarms alerting personnel. It is capable of monitoring positive, negative, or neutral air pressures per CDC guidelines. Additional features include selectable analog 0 to 5 VDC, 0 to 10 VDC, and 4 to 20 mA output, relay output, output and display averaging, and door status indication.

Setra Systems
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Vapro Vapor Pressure Osmometer

Displays osmolality in 90 seconds

Wescor, Logan, Utah, an ELITech Group company, now offers its new Model 5600 Vapro vapor pressure osmometer, for measuring the osmolality of solutions. The Vapro can be used to determine the osmolality in any type of sample, including fluids, viscous, and even tissue. It requires a sample volume of only 10 microliters and can display osmolality in 90 seconds. Its programming includes robust self-diagnostics for complete monitoring of osmometer functions. The osmometer can also interface with a user’s computer and printer. Vapro Lab Report software for Windows combines user-provided information with measurement results directly from the osmometer to produce a printable and/or savable report.

Wescor Inc
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