CorePlus, a high complexity CLIA-certified clinical and anatomic pathology laboratory, says it has diagnosed over 10,000 cases using Ibex’s AI-powered cancer diagnostics platform, Galen. To boost patient outcomes, pathologists used AI-driven insights from Galen to correct the diagnosis of over 150 patients.

CorePlus was one of the first labs in North America to deploy an AI-powered pathology solution, implementing Ibex’s Galen Prostate for before-sign-out quality control, and then expanded its capabilities to include Galen Breast in the diagnosis of breast biopsies, the organization said. Following the successful rollout of both technologies, used to analyze more than 125,000 pathology slides, CorePlus expanded deployment and its pathologists now use Galen during primary diagnosis, benefiting from AI-powered insights for triage, detection of cancer and other morphologic features, grading, and reporting. Moreover, the expansion also drives efficiency gains as Galen helps to streamline lab processes and reporting.

“Ibex’s robust AI platform has brought greater confidence to our pathologists, providing continuously accurate insights and enabling us to support referring urologists with more accurate and objective diagnostic reports,” says Juan C. Santa Rosario, MD, chief medical officer at CorePlus. “Our use of Ibex’s technology in primary diagnosis enables our pathologists to operate more efficiently at a greater scale and helps us significantly reduce turnaround time to keep up with growing demand.”

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Galen supports CorePlus pathologists in the diagnosis of breast and prostate biopsies by helping them identify cancer, determine the cancer grading and subtype, and detect multiple other malignant and non-malignant morphological features, the company says. Galen also helps pathologists prioritize cases and rapidly access areas of interest, as well as automating tasks such as reporting and tumor measurement. Galen is a widely deployed AI technology in pathology and is used as part of everyday clinical practice at laboratories, hospitals, and health systems worldwide. Galen demonstrated outstanding outcomes across multiple clinical studies performed on various tissue types and diagnostic workflows(1,2,3,4,5).

“Ibex is driving the future of cancer diagnosis, providing pathologists with the best tools to deliver accurate and timely diagnosis powered by AI,” says Joseph Mossel, co-founder and CEO of Ibex Medical Analytics. “I am delighted to see CorePlus leading the way in adoption, demonstrating how patient outcomes can be improved through the implementation of AI for primary diagnosis. We remain focused on bringing our AI platform to labs around the world to help pathologists reach zero misdiagnoses in cancer, and CorePlus demonstrates how this is achievable.”


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