Epredia, Portsmouth, N.H., a global leader in precision cancer diagnostics, and Aiforia, a Helsinki, Finland-based medical software company providing artificial intelligence-based solutions for image analysis in pathology, have entered into a commercial distribution agreement for Aiforia’s portfolio of workflow-enhancing solutions that enable pathologists to harness the power of deep learning AI for image analysis. 

Under the terms of this agreement, Epredia has been appointed as a global distribution partner for Aiforia’s portfolio of preclinical and clinical pathology tools, including segment exclusivity for distribution in Japan, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, France, and the United States. Starting in Summer 2021, Epredia will begin to commercialize the Aiforia portfolio of AI solutions. These solutions will be available as part of Epredia’s comprehensive digital pathology portfolio that already features the CE-marked 3DHistech P1000 WSI scanner.

Aiforia aims to equip pathologists with AI-powered, secure, and scalable cloud-based software for high precision image analysis that can be used in preclinical research and clinical diagnostics. Their solutions aim to enhance the speed and accuracy of pharmaceutical drug development and cancer diagnostics using intuitive, AI-powered software. Aiforia’s software currently has over 3,000 pathologists and scientists as users in over 50 countries.

Aiforia recently announced the CE-IVD marking for its Clinical AI Model for Breast Cancer: Ki67, a widely used key biomarker in breast cancer diagnostics, as part of the company’s upcoming Clinical Suites. The Aiforia Clinical Suites are under development to support the diagnosis of some of the world’s most prevalent cancers, including cancer of the breast, lung, and prostate. The Suites, intended for release and regulatory filings in the coming years, are portfolios of powerful tools enabling pathologists to harness the power of AI to support them in accelerating sample review, enhancing diagnostic accuracy, and ultimately in improving patient outcomes. 

Aiforia’s offering for preclinical assessment consists of bespoke AI model development services backed by the company’s in-house science team using an intuitive cloud-based platform, catering to a wide range of therapy areas. Over 400 AI models for preclinical research have already been developed using Aiforia’s solutions. 

“This alliance with Aiforia to commercialize their highly innovative portfolio of AI-based digital pathology solutions is another exciting step in building our presence in this growing area of cancer diagnostics,” says Epredia President John Sweeney. “We are pleased to be adding the Aiforia offering to our portfolio of digital pathology solutions which now include cutting-edge AI software from the largest players in the field bundled with our portfolio of best-in-class whole slide imaging scanners developed by 3DHistech. The product development expertise of Aiforia that has gone into these solutions ideally complements our global commercial reach and will enable us to bring their solutions to more pathologists across the world.” 

“With their global presence in the pathology market and our expertise in delivering AI-based solutions for pathologists, Epredia is the ideal commercial partner to help us broaden the international reach of Aiforia’s powerful AI software to pathologists working in clinical diagnostics and preclinical drug development,” says Jukka Tapaninen, chief executive officer of Aiforia. “Our mission is to become a global leader in AI-assisted image analysis to improve the efficiencies of healthcare systems and enable better patient outcomes.”

Featured image: Aiforia’s CE-IVD marked Ki67 AI model for breast cancer diagnostics in action. (Credit: Aiforia)