Leica Biosystems, Wetzlar, Germany, has issued an expert report, The Future of Pathology, that calls for pathologists and healthcare leaders to collaborate in pursuit of their common goal: to improve cancer diagnostics.
In light of the current uncertain times, The Future of Pathology outlines key areas driving change in pathology worldwide, identifies challenges, and details opportunities to transform the profession and improve cancer diagnostics and the delivery of patient care. The report was developed by an international panel of pathologists in consultation with healthcare executives, cancer stakeholders, and pathology leaders.

“We know how essential our work is to ensuring the best possible outcomes for cancer patients—but hospital administrators, healthcare leaders, our multidisciplinary colleagues, and the public are not always able to make best use of our expertise,” says Bethany Williams, PhD, a digital pathology fellow at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, UK. “It is absolutely vital that we are proactive in tackling the challenges our profession faces—and seizing the opportunities in front of us—through a collaborative and forward-thinking approach.”

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