Grifols, Barcelona, Spain, recently received FDA approval of Erytra Eflexis, a fully automated, benchtop analyzer that performs pretransfusion compatibility testing using the company’s DG gel technology. Erytra Eflexis can be used as a standalone system or in combination with other Grifols blood typing solutions.


Carsten Schroeder, Grifols.

“Grifols’ dedication to developing and distributing improved diagnostic solutions has been exceptionally successful this year,” says Carsten Schroeder, president of the commercial diagnostic division at Grifols. “Erytra Eflexis marks our seventh FDA diagnostic approval so far in 2018, and it’s the third approval for our expanding blood typing portfolio. And, feedback from the European medical community continues to be positive since receiving the CE mark in June 2017.”

The analyzer requires minimal laboratory technician interaction, and incorporates two lab configurations in a single instrument, so that laboratories can select the solution best suited to various workflow needs and capacities. Interchangeable sample and reagent racks allow easy, continuous loading of cards, reagents, and samples.

Erytra Eflexis features random access with a capacity of up to 200 cards, 72 samples, and 46 liquid reagents. The transparent casing provides a clear view of the simple internal organization and processes.

For further information, visit Grifols Diagnostic Solutions.