Sysmex America, Lincolnshire, Ill, has added the CellaVision DC-1 to its portfolio of CellaVision products for low-volume hematology labs. The CellaVision DC-1 automates and simplifies the process of performing blood cell differentials in low-volume labs. The product received FDA 510(k) clearance on October 16, 2020, andis now available in the United States and Canada. 

“The solution for both standalone and networked installation, the CellaVision DC-1 closes the technology gap between larger and smaller labs,” says Andy Hay, chief operating officer of Sysmex America. “The CellaVision DC-1 provides labs high-quality digital imaging for improved efficiency, quality, connectivity, and staff proficiency.”

The CellaVision DC-1 eliminates the majority of manual steps traditionally done by lab technicians performing blood cell differentials for maximum speed and productivity. It’s more standardized testing process helps reduce the negative impact of subjective interpretations and assessments.

  • Reduces review time for differentials to make more efficient use of experienced morphologists’ skills.
  • Standardizes differential results by automating cell location and pre-classification.
  • Enables the utilization of skills across the entire organization through real-time collaboration and centrally stored images.
  • Supports skill expansion via a comprehensive reference library and historical patient images and comments.

“Enabling smaller labs across the globe to benefit from the same set of well-documented operational and clinical implementation benefits that we have provided larger labs has been a high priority for us,” says Zlatko Rihter, president and CEO of CellaVision, Lund, Sweden. “We are pleased to expand our long-standing partnership with Sysmex America as they bring the CellaVision DC-1 to the US market.”

For more information, visit Sysmex America and CellaVision