AccessDx Laboratory, a global provider of advanced laboratory diagnostics solutions, announced general availability of the UTI PROx Panel. UTI PROx combines the speed and specificity of molecular testing with established microbiology culture methods, offering advantages in accuracy, turnaround time, and comprehensive insights compared to traditional standalone culture analysis.

UTI PROx is designed to equip healthcare providers with superior insights to improve clinical care and decision-making when treating suspected, complex, and/or recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs). Molecular results for 34 of the most common and clinically significant UTI pathogens, along with antibiotic resistant markers, are made available to clinical professionals within hours of sample receipt – enabling quick decision-making and appropriate treatment selection. Simultaneously, UTI PROx’s culture and antibiotic sensitivity (AST) analysis cultivate the sample to provide even broader clarity and confirmation through a single reporting workflow, supporting existing clinical gold standards for comprehensive detection and analysis.

Urinary tract infections are some of the most common sources of complex infections, especially within long-term care, and misdiagnosis of the infection often results in improper treatments. The CDC reports that 20% of all reported infections within a long-term care setting are UTIs and constitute 50% of all antibiotic use. Traditional culture-only detection methods take days to deliver critical insights, leading to delays in effective treatment and the improper selection of therapies. When not treated effectively, UTIs create extensive patient risks to vulnerable populations, including risks of infection spread, sepsis, side effects from antibiotic therapy, and recurring infections.

“Our UTI PROx panel reaffirms our commitment to helping clinicians quickly, effectively, and definitively address the real-world challenges from initial, complex, and recurrent UTI cases,” says Dr Brian Merritt, laboratory director, AccessDx Laboratory. “UTI PROx brings together a unique combination of PCR insights, culture analysis, and antibiotic sensitivity through an intuitive reporting interface. This is made possible by our years of expertise in developing molecular diagnostic tests, reporting, and technology interfaces.”

In addition to helping clinical partners better identify and treat UTI cases, many global health agencies have warned of urgent, serious, and concerning threats to the growing risk of treatment-resistant pathogens. Most recently, the CDC warned of an alarming rise of candida auris cases, primarily throughout nursing homes.

Candida auris’ detection is often hindered by days using traditional detection methodologies, leading to an increased risk for infection spread. UTI PROx supports initial PCR detection of candida auris within hours, along with confirmatory data via culture as it’s available – enabling clinicians to get both a fast and complete picture that aids in effective treatment and spread prevention.UTI PROx is now available to clinical and reference laboratory partners across the United States.