Atherotech cardioAtherotech Diagnostics Lab, Birmingham, Ala, a clinical reference lab specializing in cardiometabolic testing, has added three new genetic tests to its cardiometabolic test offering: warfarin sensitivity, Plavix® sensitivity, and the thrombophilia risk test.

Warfarin sold under the brand name Coumadin®, and clopidogrel sold under the brand name Plavix are two of the most widely prescribed blood thinning drugs in the United States, together accounting for more than 50 million prescriptions annually.

The warfarin and Plavix sensitivity tests offered by Atherotech look for genetic variation in how patients metabolize these life-saving anti-blood clotting drugs, which helps physicians determine the right dose or consider a medication change to help prevent blood clots that can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Atherotech’s thrombophilia risk test looks for specific gene mutations (Factor II, Factor V, and MTHFR mutations) in patients with suspected thrombophilia. These mutations significantly increase the risk of developing a blood clot, potentially leading to a heart attack or stroke. It is primarily used for patients with a personal or family history of blood clots.

[Source: Atherotech Diagnostics Lab]