Novaseek Research Inc, Cambridge, Mass, a company specializing in health information technology for the life sciences, and, Indianapolis, Ind, inventor of a healthcare relationship management (HRM) platform, have announced a partnership to help hospitals and clinical labs enhance their operations through improved performance and additional revenue streams. The collaboration enables hospitals and clinical labs to contribute to research by maximizing the use of clinical information and lab specimens while reducing costs and growing lab revenue.

Andrei Soran, Novaseek Research

Andrei Soran, Novaseek Research.

“Together, Novaseek Research and offer unprecedented value to hospitals and clinical labs that are under increased pressure to meet greater demands while facing reduced reimbursements,” says Andrei Soran, CEO of Novaseek Research. “The technology solutions provided via this partnership offer labs a full range of options for improving financial and operational efficiencies while empowering them to take a bigger role in advancing precision medicine using real world data.”

“The platform enables labs to improve performance while identifying opportunities to increase profitable growth,” says Brad Bostic, founder and CEO of “Through our alliance with Novaseek, labs can now generate revenue by repurposing remnant clinical specimens, increasing the value of their work to the healthcare community while increasing revenue.”


Brad Bostic,

Novaseek’s Clinical Data Network for Research (CDNR) platform is a cloud-based platform that is designed to transform the way healthcare organizations and consented patients share biospecimens and clinical data with the research community. The platform constantly scans for laboratory biospecimens that match researchers’ detailed clinical criteria, automating what was once a manual process of biospecimen selection and chart reviews. CDNR makes it possible to fulfill complex requests, accelerating research and driving additional revenue for clinical labs as they assume a greater role supporting biomedical research.

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