OpGen Inc, Gaithersburg, Md, has agreed to acquire AdvanDx Inc, Woburn, Mass, a developer of advanced molecular diagnostic products. The acquisition will be accounted for as a merger combination. Consummation of the merger provides OpGen with a family of FDA approved and CE marked rapid molecular tests for use with the company’s bioinformatics for multidrug resistant organisms (MDROs) and Acuitas MDRO gene tests.

AdvanDx is a market leader in molecular testing of blood cultures that develops advanced products for the diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening infections. The company has three product families: PNA FISH, for 90-minute pathogen identification; QuickFISH, for 20-minute pathogen identification; and XpressFISH, for 70-minute mecA resistance identification. Its QuickFISH products are FDA approved and provide 20-minute identification and differentiation of Gram-negative species and other blood pathogens. AdvanDx had gross revenue of approximately $4.8 million in 2014 (unaudited) and has roughly 20 employees.


Evan Jones, OpGen.

OpGen is an early-stage commercial diagnostics company using molecular testing and bioinformatics to assist healthcare providers in combating multidrug resistant bacterial infections. The company’s products and services are designed to enable the rapid identification of hospital patients who are colonized or infected with life-threatening MDROs. The company’s products include the Acuitas MDRO gene test, CR Elite test, Resistome test, whole genome sequence analysis, and the Acuitas Lighthouse MDRO management system.

“Acquisition of AdvanDx strengthens OpGen’s portfolio of rapid molecular tests for combating drug-resistant infections, while providing additional avenues to sell our Acuitas tests,” says Evan Jones, OpGen chairman and CEO. “Combination of the two companies will expand our revenue and customer base and provide rapid testing capabilities to complement our MDRO gene tests. Together we will be able to combine rapid organism ID capabilities with best-in-class drug resistance testing.”

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