NRGene, Ness Ziona, Israel, has partnered with the genetic institute of Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (TASMC) to perform genomic analysis of Parkinson’s disease.

“Our collaboration with NRGene and use of its advanced technology allows us to do comprehensive genetic research on Parkinson’s,” says Avi Orr-Urtreger, MD, PhD, director of the TASMC genetic institute. “The GenoMagic system will allow us to characterize the genetics of the cohort completely and efficiently.”

TASMC is leading combined clinical and genetics research aiming for better understanding, treatment, and prevention of Parkinson’s disease. The 12-year-old collaboration between the medical center’s department of neurology and genetic institute has yielded international collaborations as well as dozens of scientific publications.

NRGene’s GenoMagic is a Cloud-based system that analyzes the genomic data of a Parkinson’s disease cohort and identifies individuals’ unique genomic makeup. Correlating genomic differences with disease phenotypes could reveal novel Parkinson’s-related genes and the interaction among multiple genetic and environmental risk factors.

Gil Ronen, NRGene.

Gil Ronen, NRGene.

“NRGene has already proven its ability to analyze large-scale genomic datasets and accurately identify key genes and mutations affecting individuals,” says Gil Ronen, CEO of NRGene. “We are proud that our unique genomic tools are supporting genetic studies of Parkinson’s disease. The identification of genes involved in the development of the disease will improve our understanding of it and will potentially lead to new drug targets and treatment strategies.”

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