PerkinElmer Inc, Akron, Ohio, has launched its new Chemagic Prime instrument, a streamlined, walkaway sample processing solution that offers automated nucleic acid isolation and assay setup by combining PerkinElmer’s Chemagic 360 instrument with the company’s Janus automated liquid handling system.

Researchers specializing in biobanking, genetics, and next-generation sequencing can leverage the Chemagic Prime technology to automate the extraction of high-quality DNA and RNA for a wide range of human samples. Obtained nucleic acids can be used for a variety of downstream processes, including polymerase chain reaction and multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification for next-generation sequencing and genotyping.

The Chemagic Prime instrument uses magnetized rods rather than magnetic plates to separate nucleic acids from solutions. Transferring the magnetic beads instead of the process solutions reduces contamination risk and isolates higher purity, more-intact DNA and RNA. By incorporating additional liquid handling capabilities, the Chemagic Prime instrument also automates primary sample transfer, normalization, and setup of PCR assays and NGS libraries, making the Chemagic Prime instrument a complete, automated solution for walkaway sample processing.

Masoud Toloue, PhD, PerkinElmer.

Masoud Toloue, PhD, PerkinElmer.

“As the critical prerequisite for many downstream applications in next-generation sequencing and PCR analysis, nucleic acid isolation forms the foundation for groundbreaking research,” says Masoud Toloue, PhD, vice president and general manager of applied genomics at PerkinElmer. “The market is moving toward magnetic bead-based systems because of their continuity, safety, and full traceability, and our new Chemagic Prime solution offers them a proven, single-supplier workflow.”

The Chemagic Prime instrument can pair with PerkinElmer’s reagent kits for isolating nucleic acids from a variety of human samples, including formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded samples, plasma, saliva, stool, tissues, and whole blood.

The Chemagic Prime instrument offers flexibility in sample input volumes and a short processing time, while eliminating cross-contamination. It delivers high yields of high-quality nucleic acids, including high molecular weight DNA.

The Chemagic Prime technology also provides postextraction capabilities, including automated sample tracking and primary sample handling, which reduces the amount of manual handling required for nucleic acid isolation.

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