Personal Genome Diagnostics (PGDx), Baltimore, and the Mayo Clinic have entered into a strategic collaboration to develop clinical diagnostic solutions for oncology. The collaboration will combine Mayo Clinic’s clinical knowledge and expertise in oncology with PGDx’s leadership in genomic technologies to accelerate solutions that deliver on the promise of precision medicine. Together, PGDx and Mayo Clinic will focus on technology optimization and clinical utility studies for liquid biopsy and tissue-based genomic applications.

Doug Ward, PGDx.

Doug Ward, Personal Genome Diagnostics.

“We are proud to enter into this strategic collaboration with Mayo Clinic,” says Doug Ward, CEO of PGDx. “Their deep knowledge of establishing standards of care in oncology, the complexity and volume of cancer cases they see, and their expertise in the implementation of testing in a real-world setting are second to none.”

The shared vision and overall goal for PGDx and Mayo Clinic is to improve patient care by advancing the capabilities of oncology diagnostics. With a focus on targetable genomic alterations, the collaboration will take advantage of the clinical and technology expertise of both organizations.

“As we continue our quest to empower the fight against cancer, collaborating with Mayo Clinic will allow us to better assess the impact that our Elio liquid biopsy and tissue applications will have on improving clinical insights, and will advance innovations in next-generation sequencing technology,” says Ward.

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