Standard Molecular, Inc., a Cambridge, Mass.-based genomic software company, launched ConnectOTR to clear the administrative burden limiting community oncologists from accessing molecular testing for patients.

“Community oncologists are frustrated by the administrative barriers and cumbersome manual guesswork required to select and order molecular diagnostics,” says Jeff Sopko, CEO of Standard Molecular. “We have broken down the complete workflow and systematically automated it with a user interface that invites oncologists, regardless of the scale of their practice, into a simpler, more accurate, and responsive process.”

Standard Molecular’s technology consists of a proprietary cloud-based platform, with modules serving the entire molecular diagnostics process from test selection, requisition, delivery to results interpretation, completely embedded in the clinician’s EMR and current workflow. Applicable EMRs and tests are integrated through a streamlined process, delivering speed to value.

The platform scales to pull through normalized data required for ordering and interpretation at a volume and velocity that enables broader real-world evidence applications in oncology.

“ConnectOTR enables a physician to order, receive, and interpret molecular test results within their existing clinical workflow,” says David Artz, MD, chief medical officer of Standard Molecular. “The downstream benefits are equally impactful, ensuring a complete and accurate requisition is received to ensure the fastest turn around possible, enabling potential therapies to begin sooner.”

“The coming year and next is forecasted to be a crucible for oncologists and the technologies serving them,” says Sopko. “A wave of patients seeking cancer treatment for disease diagnosed later than in the past—due to the pandemic—is expected to stretch community oncologists in particular. We’ve recognized the solutions that will be reached for most, will be those best at removing burdens on delivering better quality care. That has added urgency to our work and motivates our decision to open our platform and launch now.”