Twist Bioscience, South San Francisco, Calif., launched the Twist Library Preparation Enzymatic Fragmentation Kit 2.0, a robust all-in-one solution designed to maximize accuracy and efficiency in library construction and amplification when conducting next-generation sequencing (NGS). The kit is optimized for challenging NGS applications including liquid biopsy, somatic variant testing, and genome-wide association studies. In addition, the kit excels in preparing samples where the amount of sample input DNA is either very limited or heavily degraded, as in the case of many banked oncology samples. 

“Utilizing robust sample preparation technologies to generate sequencing libraries sets the stage for high-quality data and accurate results,” says Emily M. Leproust, PhD, CEO, and co-founder of Twist Bioscience. “We’ve introduced this kit to enable our customers pursuing liquid biopsy, rare variants, and other critical research to generate high-quality data consistently.”

The Library Preparation Enzymatic Fragmentation Kit 2.0 builds on Twist’s existing Library Preparation portfolio, giving customers more options when selecting a solution that works for their unique application or sample type. Combined with Twist’s target enrichment panels that provide exceptional capture uniformity to avoid over-sequencing of areas outside the desired target regions, this new kit integrates a new amplification mix specifically developed for NGS applications.

“Twist continues to add innovative solutions to its expanding NGS portfolio to support researchers in a variety of disciplines. The introduction of these new tools showcases our ongoing commitment to the research and clinical communities, as we help them get to answers faster, deliver better outcomes, and drive research forward,” says Leproust.  

Featured image: Library Preparation Enzymatic Fragmentation Kit 2.0 (Courtesy: Twist Bioscience)