Vela Diagnostics, Singapore, has completed FDA listing of its next-generation sequencing (NGS) system for clinical use as a Class II device.

Vela’s NGS system comprises the Sentosa ST401 instruments, which provide an automated solution for template preparation and enrichments; the Sentosa SQ301 sequencer and server; and the Sentosa SQ Reporter for efficient data analysis and report generation.

Vela’s NGS system and the Sentosa SX101 automated pipetting system form the Sentosa NGS workflow—the first automated NGS workflow available in the market.


Michael Tillman, Vela Diagnostics

“Due to a lack of automation and sample traceability—as well as the generation of large amounts of data that require advanced molecular biology and informatics skills—NGS technology has so far been perceived to be of limited use in the routine laboratory,” says Michael Tillmann, CEO of Vela Diagnostics. “Vela Diagnostics provides the answer to these challenges by offering an automated workflow.”

Vela Diagnostics is a worldwide provider of integrated molecular diagnostics workflows that include data reporting solutions for real-time PCR and NGS. Integrating both PCR and NGS solutions to test for infectious diseases and oncologic targets increases flexibility and efficiency of the workflow and enables laboratories to overcome complex diagnostic challenges.

Vela’s Sentosa NGS workflow is intended for targeted sequencing and enables simultaneous screening of hundreds of genes and quick turnaround time, thereby providing the appropriate technologies for today’s increasingly complex laboratory needs together with improved efficiency and flexibility. Availability and regulatory status of products are country-dependent.

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