Phenomenex Inc, Torrance, Calif, has introduced ?-Gone ?-Glucuronidase removal tubes and 96-well plates for the cleanup of hydrolyzed urine samples in less than 1 minute. Within the body, a glucuronidation reaction during metabolism promotes the elimination of drugs through urine. To analyze drug metabolites accurately, the glucuronide must be cleaved, typically with hydrolysis using an enzyme. Hydrolysis with ?-glucuronidase produces a urine sample with a significant amount of solubilized enzyme that must be removed before high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) analysis. If the enzymes are not removed from the sample, they can build up on the HPLC column over time, reducing its lifespan. ?-Gone offers a simple, rapid solution for ?-glucuronidase removal designed to improve assay performance and column lifespan, and reduce mass spec maintenance. For more information, visit Phenomenex.