Volpi, an optoelectronics company with operations in the United States and Switzerland, has partnered with Netherlands-based Topic Embedded Systems to expand its portfolio of optoelectronic measurement solutions and further advance its digital initiatives. The partnership enables Volpi to accelerate development of optical modules with embedded artificial intelligence, helping to improve patient lives, optimize diagnostic instrument performance, and drive innovative new revenue-generating business models for customers. According to the company, Volpi is the first and only optical module design, development, and manufacturing firm to offer optical modules with embedded intelligence, connectivity, and cloud computing.

“We are very excited about this new partnership with Topic. Not only will Topic help us accelerate our digital strategy, we share the same core entrepreneurial values which is key to both firms’ growth,” says Max Kunz, CEO of Sales and Strategy, Volpi. “This partnership will advance both companies to the next level and will bring great value to our clients in the life sciences and diagnostics market space.” 

Leveraging Topic’s software, embedded intelligence will be built into Volpi optical measurement modules to help increase productivity of instruments through predictive maintenance and remote monitoring capabilities. It will also track and deliver insights faster, reduce hardware costs, and generate new revenue and business model opportunities for instrument manufacturers.

“Topic is proud to partner with Volpi and support the advancement of Volpi’s digital initiatives,” says Rieny Rijnen, CEO and founder, Topic. “By combining our hardware and software development expertise with Volpi’s optoelectronic measurement solutions, we can help generate added value for their customers.”

Product development is already underway and Volpi and Topic are actively collaborating on client engagements. Volpi will debut its intelligence-embedded optical measurement modules at the AACC Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo in Atlanta in September 2021.