Thermo Fisher Scientific announced an exclusive distribution agreement with Aesku.Group (Aesku), a provider of diagnostic solutions, to market, sell, and support their portfolio of FDA-Cleared IFA products, automated instruments, and software in the United States. 

This agreement between Thermo Fisher Scientific and Aesku gives customers access to a comprehensive portfolio of autoimmune diagnostics and automated instrumentation, complimenting both the EliA autoimmune testing portfolio and Phadia laboratory instruments with Aesku IFA testing and Helios HTC systems, the companies say.

By expanding its immunology product portfolio of EliA autoimmune diagnostics, ImmunoCAP allergy diagnostics, and Phadia Laboratory Systems with complimentary reagents and systems from Aesku, Thermo Fisher will continue to meet the evolving needs of laboratories and healthcare professionals, enabling faster and more accurate diagnoses for patients, the company says.

“Our partnership with Aesku underscores our commitment to enabling our customers to make the world healthier by providing innovative solutions that help advance the detection and diagnosis of complex autoimmune diseases,” says Santhosh Nair, president of ImmunoDiagnostics, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Aesku has pioneered innovative and efficient solutions that synergize seamlessly with our existing portfolio. We are excited about offering these solutions to our customers and the opportunity to positively impact more patient lives.”

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Under the agreement, Thermo Fisher will engage in sales and marketing, as well as related activities, for Aesku products exclusively in the United States. Thermo Fisher will also provide installation, maintenance, and support services to customers in the United States. Aesku will continue to manufacture all products under the agreement.

“We are thrilled to enter this partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific, a global diagnostics powerhouse, to bring our pioneering IFA solutions to the forefront of the U.S. market,” says Torsten Matthias, PhD, president and founder of Aesku. “Aesku’s commitment to innovation in autoimmune diagnostics aligns seamlessly with Thermo Fisher’s Mission of enabling customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. Together, we are setting new benchmarks for accuracy and efficiency in autoimmunity testing, ensuring clinicians and patients receive the most advanced diagnostic capabilities available.”