A new cancer care diagnosis platform, Azra AI, is aimed at disrupting the manual and repetitive processes in healthcare to identify positive cancer diagnosis and incidental findings in real time.

The solution can also classify those diagnoses by primary site and route patients to cancer navigators and other staff to immediately start the cancer care journey.

The results include faster time to treatment, increased navigator time with patients, and better patient retention in a health system’s oncology program. In addition, Azra AI’s platform improves healthcare operations with dramatic operational and financial gains through automation.

More specifically, this new technology decreased time from diagnosis-to-treatment by seven days across all cancer types, improved patient retention by 75% and increased revenues over 10% in the first 14 months of use, according to Azra AI. 

“Now that we know the denominator, or the number of diagnosed patients per year, we can size the programs, including nurse navigators, and needs for the system,” says Richard Geer, MD, physician-in-chief of surgical oncology at HCA. “In one of our markets, we have really good systems for pancreatic surgeons. We can now look at every diagnosis across the region and make the program really work and get patients to where they need to be – the right patient, the right treatment and at the right time.”

How Azra AI Has Helped Professionals

A recent analysis of one health system’s records using the Azra AI platform found that the technology identified 99% of positive cancer cases in pathology reports that had previously been manually reviewed by healthcare staff.

With funding from Sopris Capital and FCA Venture Partners, Azra AI acquired the healthcare assets of the company formerly known as Digital Reasoning. This move will allow Azra AI to expand and accelerate its industry-leading solutions across oncology and other healthcare service lines.

“We are already helping thousands of cancer patients and clinicians everyday with our AI-enhanced intelligent workflows,” says Azra AI CEO Chris Cashwell. “With the crisis in nurse staffing and uncertainty of post-COVID cancer patient volumes, our technology can be a lifeline to clinicians and a life saver for patients. From finding incidental lung nodules to reducing time to treatment, providers are having a profound impact using our technology.”

For more information visit www.azra-ai.com