NuView Life Sciences, Park City, Utah, has signed an agreement with Luxembourg-based GEM Global Yield LLC SCS for $90 million in funding, part of which will be used to complete a 600-patient in vitro double-blind clinical trial for the NV-VPAC1 cancer portfolio in accordance with the FDA approval process. NuView will also allocate funds for its in vivo diagnostics and Theranostic programs.  Under the accord, GEM agrees to purchase common shares from NuView on a firm commitment basis with an aggregate value of $90 million. The NV-VPAC1 test has been successfully utilized for in vitro and in vivo diagnostics detecting multiple types of cancer. In clinical studies, the test showed its ability to accurately detect cancer cells and their location not only inside the body, but outside as well, in voided biofluids, confirming the presence of shed cancer cells. NuView is confident the test has the potential for diagnosing a variety of cancers, transforming patient care. The GEM endorsement greatly expedites the process toward potential commercialization. “This agreement with GEM helps to secure the funding for continued growth and development of NuView’s NV-VPAC1 portfolio,” says Paul Crowe, chairman and CEO of NuView. “As we focus on moving our in vitro cancer diagnostics into the marketplace, we can simultaneously restart our in vivo diagnostics and Theranostic programs forward.” For more information, visit NuView Life Sciences and Global Emerging Markets/GEM Group. Featured image: Prostate cancer cells.