Molecular biology has been gaining importance in the field of parasitology. In this context, the Allplex™ GI-Helminth(I) Assay is a commercial multiplex PCR assay that has been designed to detect helminths. This Case Study looks at how the assay works, the parasites it targets, and how it compares to classical diagnostic methods.

Overcoming Technical Challenges in Parasitology with Molecular Tools

While molecular tools have become popular in areas like bacteriology and virology, the detection of intestinal parasites has been limited by technical challenges. Stool samples, in particular, can be challenging to work with due to the high concentration of inhibitors that can interfere with PCR reactions. In the 2000s, the first in-house molecular methods for helminth detection in human stool samples were developed, closely followed by their multiplexing. Recently, the first commercial multiplex PCR assay for detecting helminths in human stool samples was put on the market, the Allplex™ GI-Helminth(I) Assay.

Future of Molecular Parasitology

The assay allows for the reliable and efficient detection of numerous parasites in a single testing run, with perfect concordance for Taenia spp. and microsporidia detection. Detection of Trichuris trichiura was critically low without pretreatment, but detection reached 91% with bead-beating pretreatment, which liberates the organism’s genomic DNA.

The development of the Allplex™ GI-Helminth(I) Assay marks a significant milestone in the field of parasitology. The potential benefits of molecular methods in detecting parasites, how they could improve on current diagnostic methods, and the potential for further research in this field will be discussed.

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The study was conducted outside the US. The Allplex™ GI-Helminth(I) Assay is not available in the USA.

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