In honor of National Kidney Month, SelfDecode is offering a free Kidney Health DNA Report to anyone who uploads a DNA file for analysis as part of a campaign to raise awareness about kidney health.

Through genetic testing, SelfDecode is providing people with the opportunity to gain insight regarding their genetic predisposition for health issues and receive personalized recommendations to optimize their health.

According to the CDC, about 15% of American adults have chronic kidney disease (CKD), and most don’t even know that anything is wrong. By the time they learn, they may have already progressed to the later stages.

“That’s why understanding your genetic predisposition for kidney problems and taking preventative actions can be so crucial,” says Puya Yazdi, MD, chief science officer at SelfDecode. “Two kidneys working together can filter as much as 180 L of fluid a day, so there are few better ways to optimize your natural detoxification system than by taking care of your kidneys.”

Typical actions to promote a healthy life, like eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly, will go a long way in maintaining good kidney health. But there are also certain factors you could monitor that may be more personal to you.

A person who knows more about specific genetic variants they have can choose to take particular care in limiting phosphorus intake to a healthy amount.

Visit SelfDecode to receive the Kidney Health DNA Report with personalized recommendations.

Featured image: SelfDecode DNA kit, an at-home saliva test that provides health insights based on your genes. Photo: SelfDecode