Baker has unveiled its Class II Type A2 biological safety cabinet (BSC), the SterilGARD e3, which is designed to be reliable, durable, and energy-efficient.

Baker’s biological safety cabinet provides protection for personnel, products, and the environment, with 70% of the airflow recirculated and 30% exhausted. The cabinet is also designed to be vented either into the room or connected to the building exhaust system.

The SterilGARD e3 features an airflow management system that uses less energy and extends the filter life with self-adjusting motor technology. The BSC’s multiple energy-saving features equal up to a 60% increase in energy savings.

“We have been proudly selling Baker’s products for over 50 years,” says Kevin Theis, president of D.A.I. Scientific. “The SterilGARD is the most popular model we sell for Baker. Customers love the combination of energy savings, ergonomics and quality craftsmanship.”

The product’s ReadySAFE feature saves energy and increases productivity since users can safely leave the unit on while out of the room for an extended period of time, even overnight.

All of Baker’s biological safety cabinets are designed to provide a comfortable user experience with limited noise and vibration. It also features a non-glare work surface and LED lights.  Meanwhile, an adjustable work surface height allows for greater comfort and usability. There is also the option of adding a mounted monitor or keyboard bracket, further enhancing the ergonomics and comfort of the working space.

Plus, every Baker SterilGARD comes with a six-year parts and labor warranty.