Adam Equipment, Oxford, Conn, has published a new guide on how to assemble a lab workstation. The guide outlines the procedure in four steps, using comprehensive explanations and easy-to-follow terminology. Workstation components include Adam’s Nimbus or Eclipse balance, AVT antivibration table, International Organization of Legal Metrology/ASTM certified weights, and Adam data utility (DU) specialized software. With a readability of 0.1 mg, the compact balances occupy a minimal amount of room in the lab. AVT’s sturdy aluminum construction allows balances to perform with marked precision, despite any movements or air currents that might cause inconsistent or inaccurate results. Calibration weights are available separately or in sets, and are used to calibrate high-precision analytical balances that need to satisfy traceability requirements. Lastly, DU software connects the balance to the laboratory network, helping to achieve seamless data collection, transfer, and analysis. The products work together to ensure precise, repeatable readings. For more information, visit Adam Equipment.