Summary: BBI Solutions entered into a partnership with BioAgilytix to help streamline the bioanalytical testing process for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical developers.


  • BBI’s will integrate its ability to produce custom antibody reagents for a variety of testing applications with BioAgilytix’s bioanalytical testing services. 
  • This collaboration is designed to offer pharma and biopharma sponsors a more cohesive and simplified testing experience.
  • By consolidating the development of antibody reagents and bioanalytical assays under a single partnership, this collaboration aims to expedite the overall assay development process, thus potentially speeding up the time to market for new therapeutic innovations.

BBI Solutions OEM Limited (BBI), a provider of end-to-end solutions for the development of high-performance assays, signed a partnership agreement with BioAgilytix, a global bioanalytical laboratory. The partnership will integrate BBI’s ability to produce custom antibody reagents for a variety of testing applications with BioAgilytix’s bioanalytical testing services. 

Streamlining Bioanalytical Testing

This approach is designed to simplify a crucial step in bioanalytical testing for pharma and biopharma sponsors. The more streamlined service will ultimately help bring customers one step closer to market for their innovative therapies.

“This partnership further strengthens an already excellent relationship with BioAgilytix through which BBI can utilize the depth of its antibody development expertise to provide custom solutions to its clients,” says Mathew Hobbs, chief commercial officer, BBI. “By streamlining a critical and complex step in bioanalytical testing, we’re helping customers get one step closer to delivering their innovative therapies to patients.”

As part of bioanalytical testing—a key aspect of bringing any new therapy to market—drug developers often need a variety of antibody reagents tailored to their candidate therapy, and for a range of testing applications. However, developing and securing a reliable supply of fit-for-purpose, customized antibody reagents is not easy. This step is often managed in isolation from other aspects of a bioanalytical testing program, which can further complicate the process.

The new partnership between BioAgilytix and BBI’s antibody development centre, MBS, will address this challenge. BBI’s proven, efficient mono- and polyclonal custom antibody reagent development services will be seamlessly integrated with BioAgilytix’s bioanalytical testing solutions. This simplifies the experience for bioanalytical testing customers, who can now work with a single provider for swift access to high-quality, custom antibody reagents suitable across testing applications.

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“BioAgilytix prides itself in its scientist-to-scientist approach to assay development,” says Jim McNally, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, BioAgilytix. We work closely with our clients to design highly customized, high-quality bioanalytical assays in close partnership with their scientific teams. This exciting partnership with BBI allows us to expand that relationship and accelerate the assay development process. The scientific team at MBS has always delivered high-quality, high-science customer relationships which are essential to the assay development process. Complex assay development has a clearer path forward with the quality antibodies MBS generates.”