Eurofins Genomics, Louisville, KY, has expanded its Express Oligo service, which will allow more customers to receive their primers in a shorter turnaround time. Express oligos are available for anyone in the United States at no additional fee.

Researchers use the service for a variety of routine genetic studies, including DNA sequencing, genotyping, site-directed mutagenesis, and cloning. Often, the oligos are custom designed for individual projects. Any time spent waiting for these necessary materials delays the experiment or clinical test and generation of important results.

Eurofins’ Express Oligos service allows scientists to order as late as 5:00 pm Eastern time for delivery the next day, with no additional fees. Last year, Eurofins Genomics relocated its main North American facility to be next to a major delivery hub and made other improvements to its production workflow to enhance quality and efficiency. Before shipment, all oligos are fully verified with rigorous quality control methods, and customers are expected to experience higher levels of quality, even with the faster turnaround time.

“These improvements are part of our commitment to become the leader in reliability and quality for oligonucleotide synthesis,” says Martin Kunz, president of Eurofins Genomics US. “In an era when budgets are getting tighter and timelines to deliver results are getting shorter, life sciences vendors and service providers must do everything they can to support customers. Eurofins wants to empower scientists and clinicians with the ability to pursue studies at their pace and within their budget, and not have to decide between speed and cost.”

For more information, visit Eurofins Genomics.