Telcor H-1inchPOC Testing Data Interface
Connects competency data
Telcor Inc, Lincoln, Neb, has introduced the eLearning interface, which updates operator demographic information and competency completion information directly from a facility’s laboratory management system or human resources information system to the company’s QML point-of-care (POC) testing middleware solution. Operator and competency record updates along with the count of tests performed by each operator are combined into one system, streamlining accrediting bodies’ inspections. Automatically completing competency requirements, the system sends operator updates to POC testing devices for those who have completed their competency requirements.
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Definiens Tissue Studio 4.3Updated Tissue Analysis Software
Provides quantitative assessment of immune cell subpopulations
Definiens, Munich, recently released Tissue Studio 4.3, developed to accelerate the discovery of meaningful tissue analysis results. The updated software includes enhanced functionality to meet quantification demands across the spectrum of drug discovery and development, from basic research to translational studies. The software provides quantitative assessment of immune cell subpopulations in tumor tissue sections, enabling improved understanding of disease and drug mechanisms in immunooncology. Users can save slides and increase the reliability of their study by adding more than one section from the tissue block onto a single glass slide. Analysis of those different tissue sections is separated so users can receive distinct data for each section as if they were on different slides. Furthermore, the software prevents border artifacts for accurate object detection and measurements.
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Central Management Software Upgrade
Connects with point-of-care cardiac devices
Siemens Healthineers, Tarrytown, NY, recently released a major software upgrade for the RapidComm data management system (version 6.0), an informatics solution to manage in vitro diagnostics analyzers and operators centrally at the point of care (POC). In addition to the system’s enhanced productivity and performance features, RapidComm 6.0 now connects with POC cardiac devices. With connectivity to the Stratus CS 200 acute care diagnostic system, the RapidComm system facilitates increased accessibility and oversight for POC coordinators. System features such as the lock-out component—which prohibits operators not yet certified to use the equipment from running tests—are designed to improve compliance practices and enhance patient safety. The system integrates with multiple host connections, and introduces a new configurable backup utility.
Siemens Healthineers
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Viewics Diabetes-vCAT-Control 300dpiDiabetes Management System
Features analytics dashboards
Viewics, Sunnyvale, Calif, has launched the Viewics diabetes management vCAT system, a free platform that enables clinical laboratories to provide value-based healthcare organizations with analytics that directly support management of diabetic populations. The system is the first product launched in Viewics’ new Catapult product line, which aims to deliver analytics capabilities to health systems without investment or IT involvement. It features analytics dashboards to track the percentage of a provider’s population that has received key laboratory tests, and whether the results of those tests are within targets established by quality measures.
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Psyche Systems eDash-DailyStatsLaboratory Management Dashboard
Provides real-time reports
The e.Dashboard module from Psyche Systems, Millford, Mass, provides a live, real-time laboratory management dashboard and standard management reports. The module empowers managers with the ability to view and react to laboratory processes with a clear picture of their business from an operational perspective. The real-time dashboard monitors the following key activities in real-time: cases accessioned, interface status, needs add-ons, needs clinical results, needs correction, needs diagnosis, needs final report, needs grossing, needs reprint, needs signature, open orders, and work billed versus performed.
Psyche Systems
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Apex Healthcare Results Screen ShotLaboratory Information System
Supports eight devices
Apex Healthware, San Antonio, Tex, offers the Apex Connector, Apex laboratory information system, and Apex reference lab manager, built using the same core components and thereby enabling installers to configure the applications to meet the specific needs of a laboratory’s operations. While the Apex workstation supports a maximum of eight devices, the design of the application allows users to connect multiple Apex workstations at each location. The platform includes an allergy management, barcode subsystem, management console, and reference lab manager.
Apex Healthware
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McKesson Lab Home PageIntegrated LIS
Enables scalability
The McKesson Lab integrated laboratory information system from McKesson Corp, San Francisco, is a comprehensive, scalable solution suite developed to support hospital, reference, and hybrid laboratory business models of all sizes, from single site to multifacility. The suite offers integration with other health information systems and electronic health records, including Paragon and multiple non-McKesson solutions. Available modules include the McKesson lab specimen collection, providing positive patient ID for specimen collection at the point of care; McKesson lab outreach, enabling outreach billing and Web-based test orders, results, and medical necessity checking; and McKesson lab analytics, which supports laboratory administrators’ need to monitor, manage, and improve business performance.
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Translational Software PGx Report for Molecules to MedicineKaaS Platform and Application Programming Interface
Accelerates development of pharmacogenomic services and applications
The pharmacogenomics knowledge-as-a-service (KaaS) and application programming interface (API) from Translational Software Inc (TSI), Bellevue, Wash, is designed to transform genetic and molecular data into actionable, relevant knowledge to support laboratories and healthcare providers adopting personalized medicine. The API was developed using the fast healthcare interoperability resources specification, a new open-sourced standard for exchanging healthcare information to ensure interoperability. The interface can be used to query TSI’s KaaS platform for drug-drug-gene intelligence to improve the prescription ordering process, alert clinicians to potential interactions and adverse drug events, and suggest medication alternatives.
Translational Software
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Beckman Coulter Remisol AdvanceClinical Information Management Tool
Scales across multiple instruments and laboratories
Remisol Advance from Beckman Coulter, Brea, Calif, is a clinical information management tool that consolidates and manages critical data from disparate diagnostic solutions within one centralized system. The enterprise data management system streamlines laboratory workflow and the result management process. It is designed to provide improved sample tracking, results archiving, and the consolidation of patient test information either from linked instruments within the laboratory or laboratories across the hospital network. With flexibility and scalability to address a variety of laboratory needs, the tool seeks to reduce errors and improve efficiency.
Beckman Coulter
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Visiun higher resLaboratory Analytics System
Reports daily lab workflow
Performance Insight from Visiun Inc, Ann Arbor, is a laboratory analytics system that is compatible with every major laboratory information system on the market. Performance Insight provides laboratory management with business intelligence and analytics to help their teams monitor key service commitments and improve workflow, quality, and financial performance. With Performance Insight, laboratories can visualize everything that is happening in the lab on a daily basis, including anatomic pathology, blood product utilization, population health and predictive analytics, productivity and workflow, quality, test utilization, and turnaround time.
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Sysmex WAM_reportingHematology Middleware
Minimizes slide reviews
The Sysmex WAM from Sysmex America Inc, Lincolnshire, Ill, is hematology middleware developed with a robust rule engine that enables the laboratory to minimize slide reviews and boost autovalidation rates to 85% or higher based on patient mix and acuity. The software provides multisite standardization for a single database for previous lookback rules and advanced delta checking. Suitable for connecting any combination of integrated health networks’ regional labs, core and reference labs, as well as patient care centers and specialty clinics, Sysmex WAM provides management reports to monitor system productivity with actionable metrics. Data can be accessed on demand to provide meaningful insight into optimizing laboratory performance.
Sysmex America
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Illumina BasespaceGenomics Analysis and Storage Platform
Enables instantaneous data-sharing
BaseSpace Sequence Hub from Illumina Inc, San Diego, is a cloud-based genomics analysis and storage platform that directly integrates with all Illumina sequencers for streamlined real-time run monitoring and quality control. The system provides next-generation sequencing data analysis, sample/run management, and cloud bioinformatics or onsite options. With BaseSpace Sequence Hub cloud, data sharing is instantaneous to collaborators anywhere in the world with a few clicks. The system houses a Web-based interface for data management. For those more comfortable with a command line interface, BaseSpace command line interface and BaseMount enable navigation, download and upload, launching analyses—including automatic launch of applications—and enhanced automation.
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Agile Bio Simple Test LabLIMS Add-On Tool
Includes sample module
AgileBio LLC, San Diego, has developed the Simple Test Lab add-on for small labs that require assistance with basic tests. Using the free add-on, lab technicians have access to an address book to handle contact information about the patient or requester; a sample module for sample storage management; and a module for reports and results. The visually intuitive tool provides labs with an overview of requests—both in progress and already completed. The company’s LabCollector laboratory information management system handles storage of sample collection information.
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mastercontrol-logo high resSoftware Validation Tool
Leverages common cloud environment
MasterControl, Salt Lake City, has launched the transfer performance qualification (TPQ) system, which automates a previously cumbersome portion of the software validation process—a requirement for highly regulated companies. Software validation establishes documented evidence that demonstrates an organization has a high degree of assurance that the software it uses has been installed correctly, will meet its needs, and will mitigate risk. Software validation traditionally consists of three areas: installation qualification, operational qualification, and performance qualification. The key for TPQ is in the “transfer,” meaning MasterControl will conduct all of the testing. Through the common cloud environment, and with preconfiguration in place for existing customers, any testing performed by MasterControl will match the customer’s actual production environment and configuration.
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PerkinElmer SpecimenGateNewborn Screening Software
Provides total process management solution
Specimen Gate from PerkinElmer Inc, Waltham, Mass, is a laboratory information management system specifically intended for newborn screening. The software is designed to simplify the data collection and workflow processes involved with receiving specimens, screening for abnormalities, managing patient information, generating specimen reports, and following up abnormal and unsatisfactory specimens. The software is a suite of configurable applications designed specifically to provide a total process management solution for newborn screening laboratories.
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CGM LABDAQ TELEIOS PUBLICNext-Generation Laboratory Information System
Includes rules-based technology
CompuGroup Medical US (CGM), Phoenix, has released its latest laboratory information system, CGM Labdaq Teleios. The latest release includes rules-based technology that supports compliance with best practices and Lab IQ, an interactive dashboard that allows users to view laboratory performance metrics. Additional features include an interface monitoring tool that displays user alerts to ensure that all interfaces are functioning as intended; and orderless quality control (QC), which eliminates the extra steps required to order daily QC.
CompuGroup Medical US
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_DSC0052 Clinical GenomicsMolecular Diagnostics LIMS
Enables complex process tracking
The precision molecular diagnostics laboratory information management system (LIMS) from UniConnect, Sandy, Utah, facilitates comprehensive automation of all molecular diagnostic laboratory processes, from sample accessioning through final clinical result reporting. The LIMS platform marries software technology with customization and configuration control to advance the “omic” sciences and precision medicine. The software enables complex process tracking, eliminating information management barriers. Its instrument and reagent modules offer an inventory and ordering system with vendor management, on-hand inventory management with a consumption workflow model, and automatic reorder thresholds.
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Xifin logoLaboratory Information System
Supports more than 15 testing modalities
Xifin LIS Anywhere from Xifin, San Diego, leverages the company’s health economics optimization platform to facilitate the open but secure exchange of diagnostic, financial, and clinical information. The cloud-based diagnostic platform connects all laboratory operational components, including billing, financial management, lab workflow, test ordering, and transcription, within a single, easy-to-use platform. Specialized workflow and reporting modules support more than 15 testing modalities, including anatomic pathology, clinical laboratory, genomics, molecular diagnostics, and pain management.
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