Monoclonal Antibody
Used in p63 applications
The p40(M) from Biocare Medical, Concord, Calif, is a mouse monoclonal antibody that may have BioCare p40applications in cases where p63 is used. To date, p63 [4A4], which recognizes both the p63 and p40 proteins, is a frequently used marker for lung squamous cell carcinoma (SqCC) and other neoplastic tissues. While p63 has proven to be a sensitive marker for lung SqCC, it suffers from specificity limitations due to reactivity in a subset of lung adenocarcinomas. In contrast, p40 is selectively expressed in lung SqCC.
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Automated Staining Instrument
Uses reagents from any source
BioCare intelliPATHThe intelliPATH automated staining instrument from Biocare Medical, Concord, Calif, provides maximum flexibility. With the intelliPATH, users can select from any of Biocare’s validated IHC staining protocols or simply create their own. This system also enables the use of reagents from any source. Alternatively, a full range of Biocare’s detection reagents and predilute antibodies are available in a preoptimized format specifically for the intelliPATH system.
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Highly specific and sensitive marker
Biocare  ArginaseUsed to mark benign and hepatocellular carcinoma, Arginase-1 (ARG-1) from Biocare Medical, Concord, Calif, is a highly specific and sensitive marker of benign and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), which is now a key target for the differential diagnosis of HCC from metastatic tumors to the liver. Traditional markers such as HepPar-1 and Glypican-3 suffer from lower sensitivity in high-grade HCC, and HepPar-1 is not entirely specific for hepatic differentiation.
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Antibody Used to ID Urothelial Tumors
Increased sensitivity
Biocare Uroplakin II bladder cancerUroplakin II [BC21] mouse monoclonal from Biocare Medical, Concord, Calif, is a highly specific antibody that may be useful in identifying tumors of urothelial origin. Studies have shown Uroplakin II mRNA was expressed in bladder cancer tissues and peripheral blood of patients with primary and metastatic urothelial carcinoma of the bladder. In cases of urothelial carcinoma of the bladder, [BC21] exhibits increased sensitivity (46/59, 78%) when compared to Uroplakin III [AU1] (19/56, 34%).
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Pathology Information System
Provides access to entire patient history
Orchard Pathology, Carmel, Ind, is a comprehensive pathology information system for clinical, molecular, and pathology testing and reporting. Orchard Pathology is used as a stand-alone AP system, or as a Orchard Pathologysingle system that includes clinical and molecular. Image-management tools link digital images, annotated diagrams, and scanned documents to case worksheets and incorporate them onto patient reports. Information on each report is stored in discrete data fields that enhance EMR integration and simplify the process to mine data for evaluations, correlation studies, quality assurance, regulatory, statistical, and many other management reports. An interactive, web-based extension provides remote access to edit, add, review, and sign-out cases.
Orchard Software
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Lab Management Dashboard
Monitors daily performance
Psyche edashboarde.dashboard from Psyche Systems Corp, Milford, Mass, is a laboratory extension module providing a real-time laboratory management dashboard and standard management reports as an addition to the WindoPath Laboratory Information System. e.dashboard helps labs implement an executive dashboard for real-time monitoring of daily performance, key metrics, and throughput at the lab, test, and cash level.
Psyche Systems Corp
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Toxicology LIS
Workflows specific for drug testing
WPTox from Psyche Systems Corp, Milford, Mass, is an LIS Psyche WPTox reportspecifically built in collaboration with customers using WindoPath. This toxicology LIS has features and workflows that are specific for drug testing and pain management. It can be used as a stand-alone toxicology information system or as part of a complete laboratory information system. WPTox simplifies and streamlines the sample-collection process through its easy-to-use, web-based sample-collection portal. Major features include the ability to capture, properly classify, and interpret the presence and/or absence of prescribed and nonprescribed drugs, as well as drugs of abuse.
Psyche Systems Corp
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Reporting Module
Combines reports and images
Path Advance Reporting Module from 4medica, Culver City, Calif, combines textual reports with pathology images for 4Medica PathAdvanceReportingphysicians to generate meaningful clinical details along with additional diagnostic information, from a single-source reporting module. 4medica Path provides one-screen pathology ordering and results with automated label generation. This enables physicians to use drag-and-drop functionality to identify biopsy locations on organ images, and the system automatically generates labels with a description of the locations.
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EMR Ordering System
Users receive results directly in the EMR
HUB EMR interfaces from 4medica, Culver City, Calif, allow users to place orders and receive results 4medicaHubLabdirectly in the EMR system by providing connectivity between the pathology lab and the practice-based EMR. The company has developed both bidirectional (orders and results) and unidirectional (orders or results) interfaces. The 4medica HUB provides a single point of connectivity for pathology labs, which allows users to connect to hundreds of EMRs without having to maintain the individual point-to-point interfaces.
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Integrated EHR Solution
Addresses MU requirements
4medica, Culver City, Calif, offers a cost-effective web-based 4Medica SummaryIntegrated Electronic Health Record (iEHR) solution. The certified 4medica iEHR supplies patient-centric health data aggregation, ePrescribing, and lab, radiology, and pathology connectivity for improved patient data accessibility and clinical integration along the continuum of care. The iEHR platform delivers both EHR and health information exchange capabilities to address meaningful use requirements, incentive-based pay, shared-incentive reimbursement, and health care reforms.
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Module for GYN Cytology Screening
Reduces time needed to manage results
The CytoTouch Module for GYN Cytology Screening from NovoPath, Princeton, NJ, reduces the time NovoPath cytotouchneeded to manage and report GYN patient results while increasing accuracy. With fingertip technology, CytoTouch replaces the need and expense of a mouse and keyboard while freeing up space at the cytotech’s work station. It integrates with either 1D or 2D bar code scanners. Electronic screening sheets can be customized to incorporate new processes or duplicate familiar processes while providing touchscreen access to patient history and other relevant patient data.
NovoPath Inc
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Comprehensive management system
Billing tools include QA, regulatory reports
Sunquest CoPathPlus and Sunquest PowerPath from Sunquest, Tuscon, Ariz, are designed to help users Sunquest CoPathachieve the highest efficiencies in workflow and pathologist productivity. These solutions provide the ability to customize and share complex information produced by AP, cytology, and cytogenetics departments. Comprehensive billing features include professional and technical charge-capture that fully interfaces to billing systems. Extensive billing tools include data generation for quality assurance, management, and regulatory reports. Sunquest provides digital pathology capabilities through its core case management and imaging offerings as well as integration with leading pathology PACS and whole-slide imaging vendors.
Sunquest Information Systems Inc
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Anatomic Pathology Reporting System
For small to medium-sized labs
The AP Easy anatomic pathology reporting system from Small Business Computers of New England Inc, Manchester, NH, is APEasy APPathologya low-cost, customizable solution for anatomic pathology reporting needs. The system, which is designed for small to medium-sized labs, organizes data, manages workflow, and generates reports for both clients and internal use. From the workflow to the final report, the system is customizable. Images, diagrams, and related documents, such as consultation reports, can be incorporated into the final report.
Small Business Computers of New England Inc
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Automated Slide Stainer
Decreases technician risk, adds efficiency
The BenchMark Special Stains automated slide stainer from Ventana Medical Systems Inc, Tuscon, Ariz, brings complete baking through staining to the histology Ventana Stainerlaboratory for special stains. On the Ventana BenchMark Special Stains system, which was released in 2012, reagent protocols are optimized with quality controlled and optimally formulated kits to deliver high-quality stains each time. Productivity features such as automated deparaffinization, the ability to run any test next to any other test, and bulk and waste fluid sensing will eliminate manual processes, improve turnaround time, and optimize workflow. Technician risk is decreased with individual slide staining and reduced exposure to harmful chemicals. Ventana’s CareGiver establishes a two-way communication link between the BenchMark Special Stains instrument and the Ventana customer service center. This two-way link can deliver remote troubleshooting and training, software upgrades over the Internet, and over-the-shoulder help from Ventana service experts.
Ventana Medical Systems Inc
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Analytical Tools for AP Labs
Helps ID bottlenecks, tracks rush AP requests
Viewics HealthInsighterViewics Health Insighter (VHI) for Anatomic Pathology (AP) from Viewics Inc, Sunnyvale, Calif, is a software-as-a-service platform. It provides AP laboratory administrators direct access to key performance indicators and analytical tools with no day-to-day IT involvement and without strain on production environments. VHI seamlessly data mines AP systems to provide an out-of-the-box AP-specific reporting and analytics SAAS solution. It also offers detailed status breakdown to identify AP process bottlenecks, and tracks rush AP case requests
Viewics Inc
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Web-Based Clinical and Billing Software
Pay-per-report model available
WebPathLab from WebPathLab Inc, Folsom, Calif, is a web-based clinical and billing software for WebPathLabanatomic pathology laboratories. It offers both a traditional licensing agreement and a pay-per-report subscription model. Primary modules are: Anatomic Pathology, Online Report Viewer, GYN Cytology, HL7 Engine, Intelligence Module (data Mining), and online ordering. Specialized modules include Prostate Module, Molecular module, and Auto Image Uploader Module.
WebPathLab Inc
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