InnerSpace Corp, Lincoln, Neb, offers the Intelligent Locking system (ILS) for its 7000 series Harmony supply and procedure cart system. The ILS is a keyless entry system that wirelessly links carts to a central computer, enhancing security and simplifying management across fleets of supply and procedure carts. The system enables cart access programming and full management of user information and cart settings from a single ILS-integrated computer. A single interface assigns users to specific carts and defines access parameters, including the days and times when those users can securely access contents of the specified carts. The ILS provides such alerts as unauthorized entry and low battery status, and delivers audit trail reporting of the last 15,000 access attempts. The system is available on all new 7000 series Harmony carts and can be added as an upgrade to existing 7000 series fleets. For more information, visit InnerSpace.