Xifin, San Diego, Calif, has launched Xifin RPM 9, the next generation of the company’s revenue cycle management platform. Featuring new and enhanced automated workflows to maximize cash collections, the system offers advanced technology rules-engines with built-in compliance logic designed to eliminate clerical errors and reduce denials and labor costs. Real-time visibility enables users to see on one screen any errors or exceptions within the system, and view the status of those exceptions within the rules-driven automated workflows. Enhanced automated document management allows documentation to be uploaded and attached to claims and appeals. Users can quickly generate bulk appeals that include all supporting documentation and allow the system to transmit them to the payor. Integrated insurance discovery permits the system not only to search for the patient’s proper insurance provider automatically, but also automatically update the system with the findings. Furthermore, an improved interactive voice response function allows incoming calls, outgoing calls, and text messages, with patient payments collected and automatically applied to the system without employee involvement. For more information, visit Xifin.