The ThawStar automated sample thawing system from BioCision, San Rafael, Calif, is an intuitive, error-free method for achieving reproducible thawing and recovery results during the cryopreservation process. The system tailors the thaw cycle to the specific characteristics of each frozen sample, integrating multiple detection algorithms to ensure uniform thermal profiles and eliminating the subjectivity found in conventional thaw methods that rely on human interpretation. Users simply insert a frozen vial and retrieve it when the vial is raised at the end of the thaw cycle. The vial’s automatic release, coupled with built-in audio and visual alarms, allows users to quickly retrieve thawed vials for downstream processing to minimize risk of toxicity from cryopreservatives, such as DMSO. The ThawStar system delivers results similar to those achieved when thawing in a 37°C water bath. Its small footprint enables easy incorporation into a laboratory or clinical setting. For more information, visit BioCision.