Alfa_Wassermann_ACE_Axcel_1Physician Office Lab Analyzer
Efficient in-house chemistry testing
The ACE Axcel clinical chemistry analyzer from Alfa? Wassermann, West Caldwell, NJ, is FDA-cleared specifically for use in physician office laboratories. Designed to ?assist physicians in quickly diagnosing and effectively? monitoring patients, the system also delivers a reliable? revenue stream for business, and streamlines procedures for? laboratory personnel. Enabled with touchscreen functionality, Internet connectivity, and an intuitive user interface, the analyzer can diagnose and manage diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, anemia, and other conditions. In addition to a small footprint, the system offers single or panel testing using liquid-ready reagents. The analyzer requires no dedicated water system, specialized plumbing, or waste connections.
Alfa Wassermann
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Beckman Coulter AutoMate 2500 001Sample Processing System
Offers 24 configurable rack locations
The AutoMate 2500 family of sample processing systems from Beckman Coulter Inc, Brea, Calif, was developed to streamline preanalytical and postanalytical processes for optimal performance and labor usage. It offers a single point of entry to manage all tubes, from sample receipt to archiving, with up to 24 dynamically configurable rack locations. Featuring a dedicated stat input area for priority processing, the systems support advanced, automated sample loading and sorting to minimize manual handling. Systems also include a sample barcode reader, recapper for safe transfer to archiving, and cap color analysis for sample validation.
Beckman Coulter
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Cerner LabotixOpen-Automation System
Delivers specimens throughout the lab
Cerner Labotix from Cerner Corp, Kansas City, Mo, is a customizable open-automation system that facilitates preparation, sorting, routing, and storage of specimens. The flexible and scalable system enables lab professionals to deliver all specimens to all analyzers, from any vendor, anywhere in the lab. The system has no limits or boundaries on the connection points between laboratory devices and workflow. Users can utilize any combination of analyzers, with the flexibility to change or add analyzers.
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COPAN WASPLab3Microbiology Specimen Processor
Produces 27 megapixel images
WaspLab from Copan Diagnostics Inc, Murrieta, Calif, is a barcode-driven microbiology specimen processor and workup system that connects with the company’s Wasp DT walkaway specimen processor using a conveyor track. WaspLab’s image-acquisition features produce 27 megapixel images and enable capture of time-zero photos. Smart incubators use individual plate shelves to produce faster turnaround times. Digital dashboards enable administrators to track lab procedures, keeping tabs on workflow and ensuring efficiency. Customizable, modular designs help equipment conform to laboratory space restrictions. To integrate Gram slides into the patient record, WaspLab also interfaces with Gram photography microscopes, enabling users to compare plate growth with Gram stains.
Copan Diagnostics
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Definiens Tissue Studio 4.1_aDigital Pathology Software
Analyzes dual staining
Definiens, Carlsbad, Calif, has launched Tissue Studio 4.1, the latest version of the company’s image analysis software for quantitative digital pathology. In addition to an improved processing speed for faster throughput, Tissue Studio 4.1 features the ability to automate routine image analysis tasks, enabling researchers to develop a customized image analysis solution in 20 minutes, and reduce preclinical safety and toxicity study lengths from weeks to days. Image analysis enables researchers to automate manual analysis, produces quantitative readouts that can be mined and correlated, and simplifies analysis tasks and workflows. The new release includes dual stain support and automatic alignment and analysis of regions on tissue images.
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GG&B MGS-80 gram stainerHigh-Throughput Gram Staining
Accommodates 80 slides at once
The MGS-80 Gram stainer from GG&B Company Staining Solutions, Wichita Falls, Tex, delivers accurate, easy-to-read Gram stain slides, minimizing several sources of Gram staining errors: technique, interpretive, and sample identification. Continuous-load, hands-free processing standardizes staff technique and ensures no wasted time at the sink. Optical technology adjusts decolorizing time for every slide, no matter the specimen type or sample thickness, eliminating over- and under-decolorized slides. Slide labels are never stained or decolorized, eliminating the need for handwritten slide IDs. Input capacity accommodates 80 slides at once with throughput of up to 80 slides per hour. A stat drawer ensures 4 to 5 minute turnaround time for an urgent slide. Automated cleaning cycles eliminate time-consuming maintenance tasks.
GG&B Company Staining Solutions
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Instrumentation Lab ACLTOP 700LASHemostasis Lab Automation Work Cell System
Automates key preanalytical and postanalytical steps 
Instrumentation Laboratory, Bedford, Mass, was recently named exclusive worldwide distributor for the Thermo Scientific TCAutomation laboratory automation system (LAS) for hemostasis applications. Instrumentation Laboratory’s ACL Top 700 LAS hemostasis testing system will be integrated with the TCAutomation LAS, which is designed to offer laboratories an efficient workflow through modularity, flexibility, and connectivity. The integrated system automates the key preanalytical and postanalytical steps, such as decapping, centrifugation, aliquoting, sorting, storing, and recapping. For routine to specialty testing in mid- to high-volume labs, the open concept system supports direct interfaces to a wide range of analyzers and is easily expandable with additional modules.
Instrumentation Laboratory
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Mindray BC-3600Hematology Analyzer
Processes up to 60 samples per hour
The Mindray BC-3600 auto hematology analyzer from Mindray North America, Mahwah, NJ, features closed-tube sampling via a single push button. The 10.4-inch color touchscreen is designed for maximum visibility from all angles. Hemoglobin analysis is performed using cyanide-free reagents. The analyzer processes up to 60 samples per hour and stores up to 40,000 results with histograms. The barcode reader and optional laboratory information systems connectivity enables seamless sample data transmission. Nearly all scheduled maintenance procedures are automated by touch buttons. MedTest, Canton, Mich, is the exclusive primary distributor of the analyzer in the United States and Canada.
Mindray North America
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Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Ortho Vision exterior_crop2000x2000pTransfusion Medicine Analyzer
Verifies diagnostic checks
FDA has recently granted premarket notification (510(k)) clearance for the Ortho Vision analyzer, a fully automated and interactive analyzer for transfusion medicine laboratories by Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Inc (OCD), Raritan, NJ. The newly cleared analyzer makes use of OCD’s ID–microtyping system gel column agglutination technology. Designed with secure monitoring technologies for safety checks and balances, the Ortho Vision analyzer gives transfusion medicine professionals the ability to track critical steps in the immunohematology testing process. Using OCD’s proprietary Intellicheck technology, the Ortho Vision analyzer verifies and documents diagnostic checks throughout the testing process, while its e-Connectivity technology provides 24/7 remote data tracking that monitors instrument performance and maximizes uptime. Laboratory personnel can also log on anytime, anywhere, to collaborate on interpreting results in real time for an extra level of confidence.
Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
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13022_PE_Loction_ProductsLiquid Handling Workstation
Prepares up to 24 libraries
The Janus NGS Express liquid handling workstation from PerkinElmer Inc, Waltham, Mass, automates key procedures involved in the sample preparation workflow for benchtop next-generation sequencing platforms. Validated methods include fragment library preparation, amplicon sequencing, normalization, and complex sample pooling for multiplexed sequencing experiments. The workstation was developed for better sample-to-sample consistency and decreased hands-on time with the capability of efficient sample preparation of up to 24 libraries. For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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Phononic EvolveBenchtop Refrigerator
Supports WiFi-enabled temperature monitoring
The Evolve product line from Phononic, Durham, NC, has officially launched with the introduction of a 1.8-cubic-foot benchtop refrigerator utilizing the company’s Silvercore technology, a solid-state system that actively moves particles of heat known as phonons. An embedded WiFi-enabled temperature monitoring system automates temperature reading and data logging, and sends alarm notifications to mobile devices and the Web, alerting users to temperature deviations in order to help prevent inventory loss. According to the company, independent monitoring of the Evolve benchtop refrigerator shows precise, stable, and uniform temperature settings between 2ºC and 8ºC, without hot or cold spots, despite numerous door openings and closings every hour.
(919) 908-6300;

Randox AdiponectinAutomated Assay
Detects adiponectin
Randox Laboratories, Kearneysville, WVa, offers an assay for the automated detection of adiponectin. The liquid ready-to-use biochemistry test employs a new technique for adiponectin measurement, moving away from traditional enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay-based methods. The product supports applications for a wide variety of automated biochemistry analyzers. Adiponectin, an adipokine exclusively secreted by adipocytes, has an important role in a number of metabolic processes, such as glucose regulation and fatty acid oxidation. The cytokine’s abundance has been linked to several pathologies, including metabolic syndrome, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.
Randox Laboratories
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Roche Cobas 8100Automated Preanalytical System
Loads up to 1,000 samples
Roche Diagnostics USA, Indianapolis, offers the Cobas 8100 automated workflow series, which was specifically designed to process samples using the shortest route possible. The system’s multilevel, bidirectional sample transport separates full sample tubes from empty ones in dedicated lanes. The series offers different configurations to accommodate different laboratory needs, and eliminates potential workflow disruptions with an add-on storage buffer that facilitates sample retrieval for add-on requests. The series also provides a loading area for up to 1,000 samples, and connects to consolidated Cobas analyzers for sample testing across a broad array of laboratory disciplines.
Roche Diagnostics USA
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Sarstedt PVS1625 hi resModular Laboratory Automation System
Offers screw cap recapper module
The Sarstedt PVS 1625 from Sarstedt Inc, Newton, NC, is a comprehensive, modular laboratory automation system for preanalytical and postanalytical processing. Independent from an analytical platform, the system is customized according to facility needs, with available modules for loading, identification, decapping, sorting, aliquoting, and recapping. Also available is a new screw cap recapper module that places a screw cap onto Sarstedt aliquot tubes. Aliquots can be made directly into compatible screw cap tubes and immediately recapped for send-outs, or can be capped for archiving. The system is compatible with most analyzer racks and common tube types and dimensions.
(800) 257-5101;

Siemens CentraLinkData Management System
Uses single, centralized workstation
The CentraLink data management system from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc, Tarrytown, NY, provides centralized management and control of lab testing, customizing and streamlining workflows across automation, systems, and information technology. The system enables labs to manage test results, patient information, and quality-control data from all connected instruments using a single, centralized workstation. Lab professionals can intelligently manage other automation solutions from Siemens, including Aptio and Advia automation and VersaCell advanced robotic systems. The data management system features a real-time dashboard that contains visual cues highlighting items that require attention.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
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