Sarstedt, Germany, is launching the Microvette APT, a specially designed primary container that meets all the important processing requirements for automated blood analysis systems. The Microvette APT is available in two volume and configuration options, both with K2EDTA preparation, standardized 13 mm x 75 mm dimensions with ample space for patient barcode labels, and a robust sealing cap with integral pierceable membrane that allows for direct sampling. 

The Microvette APT 250 features a pre-assembled end-to-end capillary for a precise 250 µl blood sample. The Microvette APT 500 enables a gravity collection of 250 µl to 500 µl anywhere along the entire thin tube rim. After collection, the membrane cap attaches securely to the tube with an audible click. Once sealed, the Microvette APT tube meets the leak-testing requirements of the P 650 packaging regulation for shipment and is also suitable for use with the Sarstedt Tempus600 and pneumatic transport systems. 

For more information and to watch product videos, visit Sarstedt

Featured image: Sarstedt Microvette APT (Automated Processing Tube) (Courtesy: Sarstedt)