Current Technologies_ALL BIO 400Bio-Hazard wipes from Current Technologies, Crawfordsville, In, help protect patients and employees from cross-contamination when opening and handling specimen containers and sputum cups. The white side of the wipe absorbs specimen contents and sputum, while the orange plastic backing prevents splash or leakage from transferring to gloves. Applicable anywhere specimens are collected, Bio-Hazard wipes are suitable for use in specimen pass-through areas in facility restrooms, specimen collection registration areas, ERs, clinical wards, physician offices, and in microbiology, regional, and reference labs. Manufactured in dimensions of 3 inches x 3 inches and 4 inches x 4 inches, the wipes are available in three absorbency levels, including standard, heavy, and super sponge-plus. Acrylic holders are available for storage. For more information, visit Current Technologies.