Summary: Babson Diagnostics has partnered with Cynergy Wellness to provide clinician oversight for BetterWay blood testing. Cynergy will handle prior authorization, clinical test reviews, and results assessments to ensure the accuracy of the BetterWay blood test.


  1. Cynergy Wellness will oversee customer-initiated BetterWay blood test orders to ensure clinical appropriateness and accurate results.
  2. The BetterWay blood test needs only a small sample and aims to be easily accessible at retail pharmacies and other convenient locations.
  3. Both Babson and Cynergy believe that broader access to blood tests via BetterWay will enhance patient engagement in health and well-being while improving the efficient use of healthcare resources.

Babson Diagnostics is partnering with Cynergy Wellness, a provider of nationwide physician services for workplace screening and consumer health. Under the terms of the partnership, Cynergy will provide clinician oversight services for BetterWay blood testing orders initiated by customers.

Cynergy Diagnostic Testing Service

Cynergy services include state-required prior authorization for customer-initiated orders, test reviews to ensure tests are clinically appropriate for a customer, and results assessment to screen for test abnormalities or critical values and when necessary, provide clinical guidance in a follow-up consultation with the patient, the company says.

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The BetterWay Blood Test

BetterWay blood testing needs only a pea-sized amount of blood collected from a fingertip to produce medically accurate results clinicians and patients can trust. Since BetterWay does not require a phlebotomist to collect blood, Babson will partner with retailers to expand blood testing to pharmacies and other convenient retail locations. The BetterWay test menu covers the most frequently ordered tests for general health, wellness, and screenings.

“We are thrilled to partner with Cynergy Wellness as we launch BetterWay,” says David Stein, chief executive officer of Babson Diagnostics. “Our goal is to make blood testing accessible and easy, and that starts with making it available to those consumers who have a personal need for testing, in addition to clinical practices. We are thrilled to have Cynergy join us in ensuring that our customer-initiated testing is appropriate and useful.”

Cynergy provides medical review officer expertise to help ensure the integrity of the testing process – verifying legitimate medical explanations, ensuring test accuracy and adherence to established policies that protect safety for patients, and facilitating a timely flow of test results to patients while protecting the confidentiality of the testing information, the company says.

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“We are proud to work with Babson Diagnostics in the launch of BetterWay blood testing. Broader access to blood tests leads to more individualized engagement in health and well-being. When we deliver innovative testing solutions like BetterWay to a consumer, a workplace, or a geographic population, we improve their health and their overall utilization of healthcare resources,” says Angela Moore, CEO of Cynergy.

BetterWay blood testing will launch in Texas later this year.