CliniSys made a new acquisition — and combined with another organization — to create a more robust organization dedicated to diagnostic and laboratory informatics.

CliniSys recently acquired HORIZON Lab Systems and combined with Sunquest Information Systems to embrace a new wave of digital diagnostics and laboratories across the continuum of care and community to improve public health.

In the acquisition, HORIZON Lab Systems will offer advanced cloud-based laboratory solutions and expertise in environmental, water quality testing, public health, toxicology, and agriculture laboratory solutions.

Altogether, CliniSys, Sunquest, and HORIZON Lab Systems are over 1,300 employees living across 12 different countries. The company is positioned to deliver the benefits of cloud transformation and apply new technologies such as advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning, to empower laboratory professionals with better diagnostic capabilities and tools to work more effectively.

“Public health is a major concern for all governments and citizens,” says Michael Simpson, the chief executive officer of CliniSys. “With HORIZON’s advanced cloud-based solutions and unsurpassed knowledge and expertise in Environmental, Water Quality Testing, Public Health, Toxicology and Agriculture, CliniSys can now provide organizations and governments at all levels, and across different sectors of the public health ecosystem, solutions to improve health at population scale.”