Immunologist Marvin S. Hausman, MD, has been named the medical director of FourthWall Testing, a private lab owned by Epitome Risk.

As medical director of FourthWall, Hausman will help guide the lab’s growth and strategic plans, assisting in the transition to an enhanced laboratory information system, providing medical guidance on the expansion of direct-to-consumer testing protocol, and overseeing instrumentation and testing validations to ensure the quality, accuracy, and reliability of FourthWall’s lab services.

Hausman will continue his research on the coronavirus and other infectious diseases at FourthWall. His goal is to provide access to health information and care to the general public.

“Access to accurate health treatment and information are the great equalizers when it comes to addressing health and health disparities, especially around infectious diseases,” says Hausman. “I’m excited to bring the best minds, best practices and best people together to fight infectious diseases.”

Hausman, an immunologist and board certified urological surgeon, has more than 30 years of drug research and development experience with various pharmaceutical companies, including Bristol-Myers International, Mead-Johnson Pharmaceutical Co., E.R. Squibb, Medco Research, and Axonyx. Hausman co-founded Medco Research, which in the 1980s became one of the top contract research organizations (CRO).

At Axonyx, Hausman successfully licensed and developed inhibitors for acetyl and butyrylcholinesterase, as well as the drug Posiphen, a compound that inhibits synthesis of amyloid precursor protein (APP). He also has extensive expertise in research, formulation, and clinical evaluation of natural food-based dietary products with antioxidant/anti-inflammatory properties.

“Dr. Hausman is an inspiring surgeon and scientist who has had an incredible impact on the treatment of infectious diseases,” says Epitome Risk CEO Lisa Wilson. “His work is helping to reshape our world and is saving lives.”

Featured Image: Marvin S. Hausman, MD, has been named medical director of FourthWall. Photo: FourthWall/Epitome Risk