PerkinElmer Inc has acquired Analytica of Branford Inc, a company in mass spectrometry (MS) and ion source technology. The acquisition is an integral part of PerkinElmer’s commitment to continue to grow its human and environmental health portfolio. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

With the completion of this acquisition, PerkinElmer will gain significant insight and intellectual property in the field of MS and ion source technology.

“Mass spectrometry has proven to be an essential tool in many fields and will continue to be of critical importance. Bringing Analytica’s technology and team of highly innovative experts in-house will dramatically increase our capabilities in this area,” said Richard Begley, Ph.D., president, Analytical Sciences, PerkinElmer. “The acquisition of Analytica will allow us to offer our customers access to critical technologies such as time-of-flight and quadrupole mass spectrometers and new ion sources that provide more complete information as well as better throughput.”

Analytica’s advanced technology complements PerkinElmer’s human and environmental health portfolio. For human health applications, mass spectrometry provides an extremely detailed profile of medically relevant materials in drug discovery and molecular diagnostics. This technology is also the cornerstone of environmental detection and analysis and industrial monitoring. Areas of applications include environmental analysis, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical materials analysis, forensics and food safety.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to apply our outstanding applications and solutions to PerkinElmer’s new and broader end markets,” said Craig Whitehouse, founder and former president of Analytica. “We look forward to combining our resources to develop and provide applications that are critical to people and the environment.”

PerkinElmer will integrate Analytica’s current manufacturing operations into its Shelton, CT facility, while utilizing Analytica’s existing Branford facility for R&D projects. Craig Whitehouse will become an employee of PerkinElmer and oversee PerkinElmer’s MS R&D operations.

Analytica is a pioneer, leading the way with new advances in the field of mass spectrometry. Located in Branford, Connecticut, Analytica was founded in 1987 by Craig Whitehouse, who developed one of the first electrospray ion sources for MS. Electrospray ionization sources interfaced to mass spectrometers have since become widely used tools in analytical applications. Since 1989, Analytica has been marketing its technology for existing mass spectrometers and acting as a supplier to other analytical instrument companies.

Source: PerkinElmer