Proxim Diagnostics, a company developing a handheld, point-of care diagnostic device, received a strategic investment from in vitro diagnostics provider bioMérieux.

The funds will be used to complete the development and commercial path for Proxim’s Profile System, a portable and fully automated immunodiagnostic device that can run a variety of multiplexed assays with disposable cartridges. As part of the investment for the device, Andrew Parker, senior VP and head of global business development for bioMérieux, joined Proxim’s board of directors as an observer.

Proxim is developing a number of immunoassays for sepsis, cardiology, and infectious disease that can provide the same sensitivity and precision as tests run on larger, centralized laboratory equipment.

The company’s handheld device is expected to improve the ability for clinicians to perform rapid, high-quality testing at the point of care, for example in emergency rooms, intensive care units, nursing homes, community/remote clinics and in-home care, as well as in disaster relief and defense situations. The system is currently available for research use only.

“We are thrilled to have this significant backing from a true leader in in vitro diagnostics testing that shares our desire to bring this innovative technology to the global market,” says Mikhail Briman, PhD, CEO, and co-founder of Proxim Diagnostics. “With this investment, we will have the opportunity to make a bigger impact for patients, wherever they may be when their health care provider needs to make a rapid diagnosis. We also look forward to developing additional collaborations with our biopharma clients that can benefit from our flexible immunoassay platform.”