New England Biolabs, Ipswich, Mass, is making the transition to ClimaCell, a 100% recyclable alternative to expanded polystyrene as packaging material for shipment of most of its products. ClimaCell was developed by TemperPack, Richmond, Va, a company that focuses on providing sustainable solutions for cold chain shipping. While fully recyclable, the new packaging maintains the proper shipping temperature conditions for its products.

Unlike expanded polystyrene, which is difficult to recycle and often makes its way into landfills, ClimaCell recyclable packaging is paper-based yet can maintain the required temperature conditions for the duration of a product’s delivery. After unpacking, the entire box is recyclable with other corrugated cardboard.

“New England Biolabs has always placed environmental stewardship as one of our highest priorities,” says Jim Ellard, chief executive officer of New England Biolabs. “We are continuously working to promote ecologically sound practices and environmental sustainability, to protect our natural resources both locally and globally. It is our goal to continuously improve our business processes to minimize our impact on the environment. Transitioning to a 100% recyclable solution for shipping our products represents an important step in achieving this goal.”

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