The Prelude Network, a network of fertility clinics in North America, expanded its partnership with Labcorp to serve as its preferred genetic carrier screening lab.

Labcorp has long been a partner to Prelude and its expansive network of more than 90 clinics across the U.S. and in parts of Canada, providing clinical laboratory and FDA-approved donor testing within each clinic. 

The Prelude Network and Labcorp Partnership

The expansion of this partnership aims to deliver on genetic carrier screening services to Prelude patients, including in-office phlebotomists and patient service centers. Additionally, Labcorp offers comprehensive genetic counseling, services for provider questions, and complimentary review of carrier screening results for patients. It also capitalizes on a pre-existing interface with electronic medical records for ordering and reporting carrier screening results, improved clarity on reports with variant-specific interpretation, and highly competitive network contract rates for other genetic tests. To improve financial access to genetic carrier screening for the U.S. patient population, Labcorp is contracted with many insurance companies.

“Genetic screening is a vital part of fertility diagnostics as it helps patients and physicians make critical decisions on care and treatment options that lead to optimal outcomes,” says TJ Farnsworth, founder and CEO of Inception Fertility, the parent company to The Prelude Network. “By expanding our partnership with Labcorp, we’re able to deliver a higher level of care to those patients who require genetic screening services to build their families, and we’re excited to work closely with Labcorp to improve accessibility and the patient experience.”

This expanded partnership also supports Prelude’s Genetic Center of Excellence program and its commitment to offering services to patients incorporating genetic testing as part of their care plans. Launched in 2022, one of the initiatives of the Genetic Center of Excellence is to establish standardized, high-quality genetic screening for patients and egg donors in Prelude’s network.

“Prelude is excited to offer our patients greater access to best-in-class genetic carrier screening,” says Lauri Black, Certified Genetic Counselor and Director of Genetic Services at Inception. “It is our belief that by appointing Labcorp as The Prelude Network’s Preferred Genetic Carrier Screening Lab, we can build on our efforts to give every aspiring parent a greater chance at bringing home a healthy baby.”

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